Bertrand Productions


by Mark Wagner and Stacey Lee Webber

FACEOFF is a two-person exhibition including artists Mark Wagner and Stacey Lee Webber. Wagner and Webber both utilize the calculated and skillful manipulation of currency, physical dollars and cents, as a way of exploring our relationship to value, labor, and wealth.  Mark Wagner is widely celebrated for his masterful alterations of American one dollar bills.  Each bill is painstakingly cut based on the underlying imagery present within our time-honored currency.  These fragments are then combined to create imagery that simultaneously offers the familiarity of the dollar bills found within your wallet and an unexpected image questioning our relationship to money. Stacey Lee Webber also uses currency manipulation as a vehicle for expression.  Webber’s background as a jeweler and metalsmith gave her the necessary skills to do to coins what we might only think to be possible by a magician.  Each coin is systematically dismantled and reassembled as a familiar object or image celebrating the labor that is inherent in the working of these materials and the value associated to that labor.